Toshiba launches stylish, high-performance laptops designed for specific consumers

Numerous studies conducted by Toshiba revealed that one thing users truly value is “elegant design” – carefully and thoughtfully designed products that combine both aesthetics and functionality. 

With this in mind, Toshiba set off to produce new laptops that utilize modern materials and that feature smart 
and stylish design elements such as frameless keyboards, enhanced speakers, and metallic surfaces and finishes.

Continuously striving to offer the best in terms of value, entertainment, and portability, Toshiba (Philippines) Inc. recently launched five elegant yet high performance laptops designed for specific consumers.

Will it be pink or blue for Kim-Kanye baby?

Be one of the first to find out Kim Kadarshian’s baby will be a boy or a girl when it is revealed in the premiere of Keeping up with the Kardashians Season 8. The season begins with the expectant mother Kim finally learning and revealing the sex of her baby with boyfriend Kanye West.

As the whole world awaits for the big reveal of the gender of Kim and Kanye’s baby, the entire Kardashian family are excited to welcome their newest member with unconditional love, guidance and devotion. Whether it will be a boy just like Bruce’s little slip-of-the-tongue, or a girl just as rumored with the feminine baby shower invites Kim sent out to her friends -- one thing is for sure, the feisty, famous family household will be more fun and exciting once the news is out.

Tiger Airways offers the freedom to fly with the free airfare promo

Filipino flyers get a chance to fly to their favourite destinations (local or international) for FREE as part of the launching of Tiger Airways Philippines.  

“We at Tiger Airways Philippines embrace the simple belief that travel is about bringing people closer to their desires and experiences.  One way of making air travel more accessible is through offerings such as the free fare promo,” says Olive Ramos, President and CEO of Tiger Airways Philippines.

Dennis Trillo and Tom Rodriguez’ on-screen romance sparks interest among straight women, men

In last Sunday’s pilot episode of GMA’s new Sunday noontime show “Sunday All Stars,” Dennis Trillo and Tom Rodriguez, the male lead stars of the network’s controversial primetime series, “My Husband’s Lover” titillated the studio audience when they did a duet of their soap’s theme song, “One More Try.”

The two actors have become a popular topic on social networking sites and blogs lately because of their portrayal as gay lovers in the said primetime series.

In “My Husband’s Lover,” Dennis plays as Eric, an openly gay man who has had an affair with Vincent, a closet bisexual portrayed by Tom Rodriguez. Eric and Vincent’s high school romance ended when Eric had to migrate to the United States. Years later, Eric returns to the Philippines and hopes to reignite his failed romance with Vincent only to find out that his ex-lover is now married to a woman – Lally (Carla Abellana).

The music of Lei Miserable

With his own brand of art that soothes the soul, Lei will definitely captivate you with his serenading voice, his passion for music and exemplary guitar playing skills.

Lei Miserable exudes emotions that are heartwarming and entertaining at the same time. Lei works and delivers a touching soundtrack of the story of our lives. His personal experiences add meaning and spice to his singing.  He is definitely a must-hear-and-see artist.Lei’s individuality sets him apart from other artists; playing from the heart that wells from true love of music, with diverse influences from pop jazz to light rock.