The music of Lei Miserable

With his own brand of art that soothes the soul, Lei will definitely captivate you with his serenading voice, his passion for music and exemplary guitar playing skills.

Lei Miserable exudes emotions that are heartwarming and entertaining at the same time. Lei works and delivers a touching soundtrack of the story of our lives. His personal experiences add meaning and spice to his singing.  He is definitely a must-hear-and-see artist.Lei’s individuality sets him apart from other artists; playing from the heart that wells from true love of music, with diverse influences from pop jazz to light rock.

Inspired melancholy is what Lei emanates when the audience listens to him play. Sentimental moments are guaranteed and humorous quips are all shared through this one person’s multi-talent. 

He has recently released his latest single entitled, “Marikit” and it is currently being played in popular FM radio stations like WOW FM, Barangay LS FM, and Pinoy Radio Online, among other stations. 

The video depicts the traditional Filipino way of how a man gets attracted and falls in love with a woman as well as the process of wooing her. It portrays a light-hearted love story that will surely leave a smile on the viewer’s face. This is the perfect occasion to launch the video as we commemorate Independence Day in the Philippines. Celebrate love and Filipino culture with Lei Miserable and sing along with his new song and music video, “Marikit”.

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