Ely Buendia for Bench Fix Professional

I know some guys love to fix their hair so often. They always say “ Guluhin mo na ang lahat, wag lang ang buhok ko”. Just like, I’m very conscious with my hair. It takes time for me to get the right style of my hair. I used Bench Fix Professional to give strength on my hair.

Speaking of Bench, Ely Buendia (lead vocalist of Eraserheads) is the newest endorser of Bench for its Bench Fix Professional hair styling products. He has the look and the angst to answer “Ely what’s on your head now? hmmmm ...

Personally I’m using this product specially the molding clay doh. It really gives different look and style on my hair.

How about you? What hair styling products do you use? What can you say about Ely on this poster?

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