Xtreme Protection from Nivea For Men Silver

Hey Man! Wazz Up ? Have you heard the newest product of Nivea Men that will give you 48 hour protection?

What I’m talking about is the NIVEA FOR MEN Deodorant Silver Protect. Men naturally sweat more than women…and that’s really true! Most of us are very active and more aggressive in all are actions especially in our sports. Sometimes we don’t even care if our shirt is totally wet because of our sweat. And that's why other men get B.O. Some deodorants are not long-lasting protection. They are just good for 12 hour or less.

For those men who are physically active, we should be totally concern what our smell during and after the game. . Of course, we don’t want someone will tell us “Pare amoy putok ka” ….sounds disgusting. Even you're just at home or office, you should still be conscious if you smell good. or not And also,  it’s really a big TURN-OFF for girls if you they smell you with this B.O.(eeew)

You know what guys? I’ve already tried this NIVEA FOR MEN Silver Protect during LazerExtreme Challenge with my blogger friends. Honestly after the game, absolutely no B.O. I still feel confident that I smell good. woot wooh!

Anyway, what is this NIVEA FOR MEN SILVER PROTECT?

Silver Protect from NIVEA FOR MEN exploits the antibacterial power of silver ions. These highly active molecules incapacitate odor-forming micro-organisms. This stops body odor from being produced in the first place. And though the silver molecules are tough on bacteria and odor, they are extremely mild and gentle to the delicate skin of the underarm.

Why you need to buy NIVEA FOR MEN Silver Protect?
  • It s a new dimension in deodorant protection for men
  • Very effective and reliable 48 hour protection
  • First deodorant with silver ions which fights body odor by eliminating odor-causing bacteria
  • Gentle on underarm skin
  • Dry, woody aromatic scent (with citrus top notes) that smells as fresh at the end of a long day as when it’s first applied.

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