Raymart Santiago and Mon Tulfo Fight at the NAIA.

Celebrity couple Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barreto got into fight with journalist Mon Tulfo at the 
Ninoy Aquino Interantional Airport (NAIA) terminal 3 last Sunday, May 6, 2012

The video of the said fight became viral on social networking sites gving a lot of feedback from the world of news and entertainment.

According to report, Mon Tulfo is taking photos of Claudine Barreto after he saw commotion of the actress with the Cebu Pacific airline  stewardess.

Claudine  is complaining about her luggage being left at the Caticlan Airport in Aklan. There’s report that the actress is cursing and threathening the crew of the said airline that they will loose their job because of the said incident.

When Raymart noticed Mon’s taking picture of Claudine on his phone,  he demanded him to turn over the device, but the broadcaster refused, and that’s where the fight started.

According to Mon, Raymart and his friend are the first one attacking him with punch. But According to Raymart, Mon  who threw the first punch. (Who do you think?)

The NAIA mangement can’r provide CCTV footage of the trouble scene because according to them, the place where the fight happened is not covered by their CCTV system.

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