I love my t-shirt and my short!

It was a sunny afternoon when I arrived in Teatrino Promenade in Greenhills. It was exactly 12: 10 pm and It’s really freaking hot that day. ggrrr.. I really need an aircon or electric fan because anytime I will collapsed because of lack of sleep and the hot temperature outside..haist

Anyway, the reason why I’m in Teatrino was to attend an event..hmmmm....Actually that was not  really an event, we're just invited to meet the  owner..just an intimate "kwentuhan "about blogging ..So again..... What I’m wearing on that day? My GET Up was the “uso” (popular) attire of the young generation today- a combination of a t-shirt and short...

My black and white stripe t-shirt is from Oxygen. It is 100% pure cotton. To be honest with you, I love stripes. That's the reason why most of my polo' and t-shirts are stripes.. hehe The t-shirt I'm wearing really fits to my body. It emphasized my big chest lolz..

I don't remember where I bought my short. All I know..this is a very cool short..The good thing about  my black short is that I can pair it with any colors of T-shirt.

The shoes I'm wearing is from Sledgers..I like the style of it because it's look elegant. It is also very comfortable and fashionable.

There you go! How about you? Do you love wearing short and t-shirt as your get up?

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