A simple on-the-go attire for man

During the Blogapalooza event, my get -up was just the very ordinary casual attire or I must say on-the-go outfit. A pair of maong jeans and stripe t-shirt. Most of my  "lakad", I normally look like this- very simple yet fashionable in the eye of a guy.

Did you know that my T-shirt is just a 100 bucks! Yeah Yeah...You read it right..I bought my blue  and black stripe shirt on a "tiange"  in the street of Baclaran. I like the simplicity of the shirt and it really fits to my sexy body (lolz). You can't even imagine this shirt is came from a simple RTW store near the Baclaran Church.

The pair of  maong jeans I'm wearing is from Levis. A semi-skinny jeans with the right cut that fits to my hip and legs.

Lastly, my gray shoes on the photo is not branded. I got if from a friend who came from Thailand.. What I like this shoes was the fabric used.. It looks like it made from "abaka". The style is very edgy and trendy. I always told to all my friends this is the male version of the doll shoes ..hehehe

 Marco's point of view

You don't need to wear branded clothes just to say you are a fashionista. or you are " IN." Just a simple shirt and pants with the right color and cut, you will definitely look great. At the same time,  wear the clothes you are need to be stress out just to make fashionista.. Just like me..I love this style and this is ME...

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