Globe goes beyond sustainability commitments

       More than just a commitment to sustainability, conserving the environment, and preserving biodiversity in areas where it operates, Globe continues to strengthen its efforts in environmental protection through its various partnerships and programs nationwide.

            “Globe is aware of how the effects of climate change and environmental destruction can impact society and businesses and we are committed to working with various environmental organizations to help with community and environment conservation efforts,” shares Rob I. Nazal, Globe Head for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Greening the Cordilleras and Beyond

            Globe has partnered with Benguet-based Cordillera Conservation Trust (CCT) to advocate for the conservation and the need to reforest the Cordillera region. Through a biking event held annually since its launch in 2010, Globe employees, bikers and other eco-warriors ride through the Cordillera trails to raise funds for the Roots and Shoots Program, which establishes seedling nurseries in public elementary schools across the Benguet region.

According to JP Alipio, Executive Director of CCT, “The Roots and Shoots Nursery Program is a sustainable approach to forest-building because not only do we involve the beneficiary communities, but we also transform them to become stewards of the environment.” The Roots and Shoots program also aims to include environmental education for the children in the public elementary schools, providing a possible livelihood source for the school and community. 

In 2012, the Roots and Shoots Nursery Program was able to establish twenty-one seedling nurseries in the Benguet region. The seedlings in all nurseries will be nurtured by the students and the teachers in the community until they are ready to be sold and re-planted for forest-building. 

Extending its environment conservation efforts in the southern part of the country, Globe also supports the Philippine Eagle Foundation’s (PEF) Forest Corridor program which will re-establish forest on grasslands along the forest corridor between the mountains of Mahuson, Sinaka, and Kabalantiian-Binoongan-Kulaman (KABIKU) in the Arakan Valley, North Cotabato. Adds Nazal, “We continue to look for environmentally-critical areas to support and are glad to extend our reach to Arakan Valley, the home of the Philippine Eagle.”

Saving the Philippine Seas

            This year, Globe also inked a partnership with Save Philippine Seas, a non-profit organization with a project in Malapascua Island, Cebu, for the protection of thresher sharks through engagement and education of community stakeholders. The thresher shark is classed as Vulnerable to extinction by the International Union of Conservation for Nature (IUCN) Red List and is highly vulnerable to fishing and finning when they venture into shallow waters.

            Through ICT support such as computers, projectors, white screens, and Globe Tattoo sticks for the local schools to enhance the learning of the students and community, and law enforcement equipment for the barangay, Globe hopes to expand its conservation efforts from the mountains to the sea.

            Says Anna Oposa, co-founder of Save Philippine Seas, “We are really passionate about protecting the sea, the thresher shark, and empowering locals and other environmental advocates to join our cause. Educating and working with the communities, the local government, and other stakeholders about the need to protect our ocean is the first step in appreciating and protecting our marine ecosystem.”

            Aside from lending technology-based solutions to Save Philippine Seas, Globe employees will also be tapped as skill-based volunteers for various education and conservation initiatives.

Doing One’s Fair Share 

            Globe launched the My Fair Share eco-bag in 2012 which supported the livelihood of women communities who produced them. The eco-bags, made from recycled and bio-degradable materials, promoted conscientious consumerism among Globe employees, subscribers, and stakeholders. “My Fair Share eco-bags not only supported fair trade and enriched the lives of marginalized communities, but it also reinforced the advocacy of caring for our environment by using less plastic,” shared Nazal. 

            This year, Globe collaborated with Team Manila Graphic Design Studio on three new My Fair Share eco-bag designs for 2013. Produced by partner Gifts & Graces’ beneficiary communities, the eco-bags supports more communities this year: Kaibhan Women’s Association, PamanaPag-asaBoni Producers Cooperative and Caritas Manila. The bags are available for only P120 each at all Globe business centers nationwide starting April 20. 

            “The My Fair Share program advocates caring for the environment but it also transforms the way Globe gives back—not only by aiding partners and beneficiary communities with capital, funds for capacity and skills development and ICT tools—but also by empowering them with livelihood opportunities,” explained Nazal.

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