Philippine's designer Bianca Bernardo entered the top 3 of Design Genius

Design Genius is almost at it's final leg of showing. 2 weeks more 'til the Finale!

On next week's episode, Philippine's design contender Bianca Bernardo joins the competition to challenge the remaining 2 designers - Ivana (UK) and Sandro (Switzerland). Will she be the underdog that will take over the competition with her ability to use unusual materials?

Be sure to tune in on Tuesday next week, April 16, at these times:

Berlin - 9:00pm
Hong Kong - 10:00pm
Jakarta - 9:00pm
Johannesburg - 9:30pm
London - 9:00pm
Moscow -12:00mn
Philippines - 10:30pm

Fashion One Channel is available on CableLink Starter HD Package in the Philippines.

About the show: 

Talented emerging fashion designers from around the world - Belgium, UK, Switzerland, Spain, India, Italy and the Philippines - gather with one goal in mind: to be crowned the new fashion prodigy and win the title of ‘Design Genius’. The fashion-packed competition series pits three designers against each other competing for recognition and the chance to win $25,000. Outrageous fashion designer-turned-reality star, Indashio, hosts and judges the series. Student designer Bianca Bernardo from SLIMS Fashion and Arts School in Manila represents the Philippines in April 16's episodes. Fashion blogger and Filipino celebrity, Laureen Uy (Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw) also makes a special appearance as guest judge on the final episode of the show.

Design Genius is production of Bigfoot Entertainment for Fashion One Network’s original programming.The show was shot and produced at Bigfoot Studios in Cebu, Philippines.

To learn more about Design Genius, visit the site at

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